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Line Striping

Line striping is a service done mostly in parking lots after a sealcoating application is done. It can be done on new or old asphalt. It is a fantastic way to distinguish old fading paint lines, improving the overall appearance of the asphalt and property as a whole.

Pricing for line striping varies and is charged by the linear foot.

About Us

TRUSEAL Asphalt Maintenance LLC is devoted to providing the best quality asphalt maintenance service in the area. As Owner & Operations Manager, Ian Chaput grew up in Severna Park, went to High School here, and wishes to remain true to our local roots to the area by valuing personal customer relationships and constant follow up. We never want a customer to feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with our business environment and services. From driveway sealcoating, crack filling, and pothole patching, we can help with whatever you need! TRUSEAL will stay unique within the market, by connecting with each and every customer to tend to their specific need, while striving to develop personal relationships with them along the lines of sharing the same community.

Latest Review

Jill Cowher, Arnold, MD: I would like to take a minute to Thank the crew at Truseal Asphalt Maintenance & Seal Coating of Anne Arunel County MD.   They have come through for my family and I for years now and when they asked me for a review on their new website I didn't have to think about it at all!  Ready for a great 2018 Guys! 

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